Welcome to Irish Family Footsteps. We provide a top-quality, professional and friendly genealogy research service to anyone on the journey to discovering their Irish Family History & heritage.

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(Please note that Irish Family Footsteps regret that new commissions are not being accepted until Autumn 2018).


Irish genealogy is a fascinating subject. Finding out who your ancestors were, where they came from and the lives they led is one of the most rewarding adventures you may ever undertake. Sometimes, however, the records and archives you need to take you on this journey can seem daunting or perhaps may simply not be possible for you to visit in person.

So whether you would like a full report on the lives of your ancestors, a special gift book for a loved one; a single search or perhaps advice on how to carry out your own research, we at Irish Family Footsteps can help you make that connection with your Irish ancestors.


Irish Family Footsteps don’t believe that genealogy should be a list of names and dates. We want to bring your family history to life for you.

What sort of house did your ancestor live in? What did their job entail? What did their world look like? We want you to be able to literally walk in your ancestors footsteps and so we offer two special services for you.


Harriet Doble to the right possiblyOur Biography report and our Family Line report both include our unique "Footsteps" report. This will give you further information, reading and visiting ideas should you wish to visit your family’s home place and actually take that walk in their footsteps.

And for those who would love to see your ancestor’s home town for yourself, but simply cannot, we have teamed up with experienced photographers

KB Photo to provide location photography. Linking with our research, they provide high-quality, beautiful photography of the town and landscape your ancestor came from. Your photograph portfolio can include the church they were baptised in, the farmland they lived on and perhaps their gravestone. You may be lucky enough to find that the old family home still stands and with permission of the owner, a photograph may be possible.


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