Biography Report

Albert DobleThe Irish Family Footsteps Biography Report aims to paint a detailed picture of the life of a single ancestor in your family.

It will examine your ancestor’s birth and family background. It will look at where and how they lived. Where feasible, occupational records, and records of land or property, will be examined.

In addition to the basic source material of church, land, census and civil records, we aim to research at least four additional record categories appropriate to your ancestor which may include wills, occupational records, cemetery and burial records, local directories, newspapers, emigration or transport records, electoral lists, military records and more.


Our report will additionally include

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We recommend our biography report as the ideal product for you.

As Irish records are scarce before the early to mid 19th century, it often makes more sense to research a single Irish ancestor rather than an entire family line.
Remember, this report will aim to discover your ancestor’s parents and birth place and if you decide to purchase a family line report later, we offer a very substantial discount based on having already purchased this report.



We quote individually for each report based on our free assessment. As a guideline, reports tend to cost approx. €250.

When complete, your report will be emailed in pdf format to you. For prices starting at an additional €40, we can print and bind your report in a special book format and post it to you. What a beautiful gift for a special occasion!

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